*Beauty Tip* Dry Body Brushing

Here is a great tip about dry body brushing for all you Bonnie Wee Beauties! It’s something you can do for yourself at home and costs very little but has great benefits. 

Dry body brushing increases circulation, increases lymph flow (aiding detoxification and boosting immunity), it promotes softer, smoother skin and when done regularly it can really improve the appearance of cellulite. It’s a fantastic way to exfoliate naturally and helps reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs (if you suffer these through waxing) and can help give you a nice smooth base for fake tanning as well as helping a fake tan to fade more evenly.

So, how do you do it? Well you use a DRY body brush (like one of the ones in the photo, these can be bought from many places) on your DRY body before you go for a shower.

You should make sweeping movements (not scrubbing!) on your body ALWAYS towards the direction of your heart (like in the example on the photo). Now don’t be going crazy! The idea is to slough away dead skin cells from the skin surface speeding up new cell renewal, NOT to scrub your healthy skin off ;D You do have to make sure the brush isn’t too soft though or it won’t be doing anything 

Then have a shower, when you’re finished in the shower and when your skin is still wet moisturise with a good quality body oil or moisturiser. THEN pat yourself dry with a towel. Doing it this way means you have nourished your skin to promote healthy skin cell renewal and you’re keeping your skin well hydrated without leaving yourself feeling greasy 

Let me know if you already love dry body brushing or if you’re going to give it a go! 

Better skin, for the win! X

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