Time for an Update!

Hello Bonnie Wee Beauties!  Well it is time for a much overdue update on everything I have been up to.  I’m actually embarrassed that it has been over a year since I have written but this has been such a busy packed year of work, study and experience it has flown by so fast.

Firstly, I would like to thank all you lovely regular clients who have kept my wee mobile business busy and for all the support and flexibility you have all shown me since I launched my business 2 and a half years ago but especially over this past year.  Lots of you will already know what I have been up to because I see you regularly but I thought it would be best to let the world know too, why not eh? Ha-ha I’m so grateful that so many of you continue to choose me for your treatments and that because of the word of mouth recommendations you bless me with my business has continued to grow over this past year even though I haven’t advertised at all.  You are all amazing, I love you!

Now, I have lots of things to update you all on so it’s going to be like reading a novel but when have any of you ever known me to say anything in just a few words? hehehe  So, here goes….

I’m really proud to have completed my HND Beauty Therapy last year and I graduated in November.  As you can imagine, study took up a fair bit of my time to get that completed but it was all worth it to be able to gain the knowledge I have over that time.

As well as studying I have also have had the privilege of being employed in a lovely 5* spa up in St Andrews since last March.  This has been and still is a fantastic experience for me and has really raised my game on providing the best quality treatments, improving my skills and learning all the little touches that raise a treatment from being “good” to being “great”!

Treatments I have qualified in as part of my HND and from my experience over this last year working as a Spa Therapist means that Bonnie Wee Beauty will be moving forward with a much more holistic outlook.  I have found that I am drawn to and most passionate about massage, skin care and complementary holistic therapies.  I feel it’s where my talents really lay and without trying to sound big headed, I think I’m pretty good at it.  Don’t worry, you will always still be able to get your Shellac on and waxing done as these things are popular it’s just that my energy will be going into learning and adding new treatments that please my heart and passion.

I will be working on my website over the next week or so because I have some lovely treatments to add that I qualified in last year including Indian Head Massage and Aromatherapy.  I have offered aromatherapy massage using pre-blended oils for some time but I’m qualified and insured to blend and prescribe my own now so this personalised treatment will be getting added to my menu.

Pre-blended options will still be there but for those with specific issues or those who prefer a personalised treatment plan there will now be that option too.  I can tailor a treatment plan and blend a personalised oil to help with many different issues, working to complement other treatments you may be undergoing, helping with pain management for things like arthritis or fibromyalgia or just helping relieve insomnia, stress, IBS….. the list goes on!  Specialised massage techniques are also used during this massage to stimulate or relax the nervous system and work with the lymphatic and circulatory systems getting the most effect from the essential oils.

There will also be some things removed from my treatment menu.  These are just things that I haven’t found to be popular for my business so it doesn’t make sense to buy stock for things I rarely get asked for as I would have to be replacing it before it’s all been used and that’s never a good thing.  Services offering regular nail polish will be gone as everyone loves their Shellac now and I’ve genuinely only been asked for traditional polish twice in the last year even though I’m constantly busy with shellac.

I’m really excited that in February I will be spending a weekend completing my Reiki 1 training and Attunement.  I’ve been drawn to energy work for a while now, after all physics does tell us everything is energy all just vibrating at different frequencies and quantum physics is proving more ways is can be influenced in the body all the time.

Reiki 1 won’t qualify me as a practitioner to charge for treatments, that’s not why I’m doing it. The philosophy is that you have to do a lot of work sorting yourself out before you can help anyone else but it’s the beginning of the journey and I will add it to my treatments eventually when I go through all the training and self-development over the next year or so and gain practitioner level.

Well if you made it to the end, thanks for reading, it’s been such a while since I updated and there was quite a bit to say! It’s my intention to update and blog much more regularly so it doesn’t happen again!

I look forward to seeing you again soon or welcoming you as a new client.

Love and light to you all!